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October 12, 2017


Present: Lori Walston, Leanne Thomas, Michelle Harrell, Kelly Gunter, Sherry Hodges, Windy Boswell, Lisabeth
Sumner, Andrea O'Brian, Todd Anderson, Felicia Rodgers, Julie Conoley, Ginger Gliarmis, LeeAnn Madar

Treasurer's Report: Current account balance is $11,565.68. There was discussion about what areas of the
budget can be reduced due to a shortfall in the Friends of Fike fundraiser. The Grant and Teacher
Reimbursement is one area that was voted on to be reduced.

Fundraising: This is the last week for the PTO Friends of Fike fundraiser. We have only brought in $3,855
(before expenses.) One possible reason this amount is a lot lower than in past years is competing fundraisers.

Next year FOF possible action items: 1) Consider changing the timeframe of this fundraiser not to overlap with
other Fike fundraisers and those of schools which feed into Fike 2) Add 2 to 4 graduation passes upon donating
at a certain higher level 3) A prime student parking space upon donation at a certain higher level.

Due to the FOF shortfall, we are looking for Fundraising ideas.  We discussed selling poinsettias (and possibly an
additional flower) from Williams Plant Farm and Windy will be exploring this as one option. If you have any
other fundraising ideas, please contact Lori Walston.

Teacher Appreciation: October 30 is a staff workday. There will be no parent volunteers needed; Felicia will
pick up the snacks and drinks for that day. Our first parent participation teacher appreciation event will be on
November 20 for coffee and dessert. We will need coffee and desserts provided as well as people to set up and
clean up. Be on the lookout from your child's class leader for an email to sign up to help or contact Felicia

Teacher Grants/Teacher Reimbursements: By the end of October a letter will be sent to teachers and staff
which will include the Grant application. The proposed deadline for them to put their requests in is November
27. After discussion on the budget shortfall, a motion was made by Windy to drop the budget to $7,000 from
$10,000. Sherry seconded the motion; all approved and the motion passed.

Academic Excellence: The proposed dates are April 20 or April 27.

Other Business: The College Fair will be coming to Fike soon. Julie and Sherry will be providing the drinks and
breakfast items and will also be setting /cleaning up. Windy will be contributing paper goods. There was
conversation about the fact that Fike does have homeless and underprivileged students. We would like to do
more to help with this. Discussion included a clothing pantry and the idea will be presented to Mr. St. Clair.

Next meeting: November 9 at noon. The meeting was adjourned.