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September 14, 2017


Present: Lori Walston, Leanne Thomas, Michelle Harrell, Kelly Gunter, Sherry Hodges, Windy Boswell, Sonceray
Pate, Lisabeth Sumner, Andrea O'Brian, Todd Anderson, Laura Brooke, Stephanie Evans, Elizabeth Black

Treasurer's Report: Current account balance is $10,893.16.

Fundraising: Friends of Fike forms have been mailed to all families. The form can also be printed from the Fike
website. Please talk with other parents encouraging them to respond to this very important PTO fundraiser.
The game day ticket included at the "Friend" level is a one-time pass to any athletic game of choice other than
swimming or tournament games. An outside company is designing the t-shirt and we have not seen the design
yet. The FOF campaign will run through October 6. We will be recruiting volunteers for the distribution of the t-
shirts and one-time passes. Stay tuned to the date for this.

Teacher Appreciation: Our first teacher appreciation event will be on November 20 for coffee and dessert. We
are asking for a team leader or leaders who will be a liaison for the senior class. That person or persons will
communicate the date, time and needs for each event with the senior class parents. If you are interested in
helping with teacher appreciation or being a team leader, please contact Felicia Rodgers

Teacher Grants/Teacher Reimbursements: In mid-October a letter will be sent to teachers and staff which will
include the Grant application. They will have approximately 1 month to put in their requests. Basecamp will be
used for PTO Board members to review and comment on the requests. Board members, you will get numerous
emails, so make sure the email address on file is one in which it is okay for you to receive these.

PTO Meeting Schedule: It was suggested that we provide quarterly parent meetings to provide ALL parents
with information about things going on at school and to give them a platform for their ideas and questions. The
Board will continue to meet on the 2 nd Thursday of each month at 12:00. The quarterly parent meetings were
suggested to be held the following week in the evening. We will wait to hear from Mr. St. Clair if the proposed
meeting schedule is approved. We would like to see participation from teachers as well.

Other Business: Entrance into the Fike parking lot during the day is confusing because most are blocked off. The
only one open is the "One Way (out)." It was suggested that the "One Way" sign be removed or a sign added
that says "Enter Here" which can be removed at the end of the day.

There was conversation about the fact that Fike does have homeless and underprivileged students. We would
like to do more to help with this. Discussion included a clothing and food pantry.

Next meeting: October 12th at noon. The meeting was adjourned.