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August 15, 2017


Present: Lori Walston, Leanne Thomas, Felicia Rodgers, Stephanie Evans, Lee Ann Madar, Michelle Harrell, Kelly Gunter, Julie Conoley, Sherry Hodges, Sonceray Pate, Lisabeth Sumner, Andrea O'Brian, Todd Anderson, Randy St. Clair

President comments: Lori welcomed everyone and reminded us that ALL parents are welcome to attend these meetings and that we would love to see more parent involvement. Please reach out to those parents that you know regarding PTO!

PTO Officers: The Officers for the 2017-2018 school year are as follows:

  • President - Lori Walston
  • Vice President - Michelle Harrell
  • Secretary - Leanne Thomas
  • Treasurer - Todd Anderson
  • Friends of Fike - Alice Pierce
  • Teacher Appreciation - Felicia Rodgers
  • Teacher Grants - Sherry Hodges
  • Academic Excellence Celebration - Lee Ann Madar
  • Web Coordinator - Steve Walston

Treasurer's Report: Current account balance is $11,565.68. Discussion of the proposed budget took place. Last school year, we did not meet our Friends of Fike budget; we had a $5,200 shortfall in income. We saw a significant drop in large donations. Again, this year, the Booster Club will provide the athletic passes and will also share in the profits of the campaign. There will not be an early release day this year, but we do have a better home football schedule to be able to offer game tickets. Mr. St. Clair will speak with the coaches to determine which football game to offer. Teacher Grant requests were reduced last year from previous years. One possible explanation is the addition of the Teacher $50 Reimbursement.

Lee Ann made a motion that we go with the budget as proposed and that we will revisit the subject in our October meeting. Sherry seconded the motion. All approved and the motion passed.

Fundraising: Friends of Fike forms will be ready and available at Open House.

Teacher Appreciation: Our first teacher appreciation event will be in November for Thanksgiving. Parents, stay tuned on how you can help!

Freshman Orientation and Open House: Freshman Orientation will be held Thursday, August 24, at 5 p.m. Open House for all students (floating) will be held from 6-8 p.m. PTO will be set up in the cafeteria. Sherry, Lee Ann, Felicia and Leanne will be manning the table. Lori will provide parent sign-up sheets and PTO information.

Teacher Grants/Teacher Reimbursements: An overview of the Teacher Grant program was given by Sherry. Grants are provided for academic need. The following categories are common: Prom committee, Math Comp., Classroom equipment, Classroom supplies, Software, Calculators. No field trips are provided. Teachers may submit requests individually or by department. We will view all the grant requests online and cast votes by email.

The subject of Teacher Reimbursements was discussed. Sherry made a motion that we offer the $50 reimbursement. If we have a budget surplus, we can discuss offering more. Mr. St. Clair will let teachers know as they are coming back for the school year to keep their receipts. Lee Ann seconded the motion. All approved, and the motion passed.

Academic Excellence Celebration: Lee Ann gave an overview of this event, which recognizes Fike students who have a 4.0 or higher GPA at mid-semester. It will be held in the spring of 2018; date to be announced.

Other Business: Lori brought up the fact that we have a Fike student (Ryan Richardson) who has had a recent liver transplant. He is doing well, but the family has incurred huge medical expenses. We would like the PTO to be an option for those families who have experienced a catastrophic event - a student death or a student serious health issue. There will be further discussion of this with the Counseling Office, but Todd made a motion to raise the threshold from $50 to $100 for these events and to provide the Ryan Richardson family $100. We will need criteria and parameters for providing these funds, and the Counseling Office can help make parents aware. Lori will check the PTO bylaws to see if this is a change in policy. Kelly seconded the motion. All approved, and the motion passed.

News from Mr. St. Clair: Mr. St. Clair introduced himself as our new Fike Principal. He is very excited to be with our students. Improved structure, safety and discipline is his number-one priority. He wants to bring pride back to Fike.

Currently, the PTO Board meetings are the second Thursday of every month at noon. Mr. St. Clair recommends holding PTO meetings in the evenings. He would like to attend the meetings and is concerned that he will not be able to attend noon meetings. He believes it will be more advantageous to parents if meetings are offered in the evenings. The Board expressed concern about finding a meeting time at night that would work, due to the athletic schedules and extracurricular activities the Board members' students are involved with.

One idea offered is to have PTO meetings separate from board meetings. The meeting dates will be published on Fike's website. Another idea is to have PTO meetings paired with topic meetings, working with the Counseling Center.

Next meeting: September 14 at noon. We encourage ALL parents to attend! The meeting was adjourned.