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May 22, 2017

Fike High School
Athletic Boosters General Club Meeting Minutes
Monday, May 22nd, 2017
Submitted By:

Tanji Bass - Recording Secretary

Booster Board Representation: Brian Holder - President, Wayne Pierce - Vice President, Sheryl Creech
- Treasurer, Tanji Bass - Secretary, Glenn Jones - Representing as School Assistant AD and Chara Batts -
Concessions Chair

Absent was: Mark Holley - Principal, Toni Varacchi - School AD, Tonya Boyette - Concessions Co‐Chair and Alice Pierce ‐Fundraising Co‐Chair

Coaches' Representation: Glenn Jones ‐ Golf

Parent's Representation:
Meeting was opened up by Brian and Tanji gave a review of the previous minutes and reported that the
minutes from the last meeting had been saved on the Fike High School's webpage under the Athletic
Boosters link.

Principal and/or Athletic Director Report
Coach Jones reported from Varacchi that helmets and shoulder pads for Football needed to be replaced.
She has gotten a quote from Rydell for approx. $5,100. Per Brian, since it is a requirement for Football
that so many helmets have to be replaced each year, it was decided to help the Fike Athletics and the
Boosters will split the cost and pay 1⁄2. Sheryl wrote check out that night for $2,550.

Finance Report

  • Sheryl provided an update of our finances.


  • Discount Cards (Next Year)
    • Wayne has new contract prepared and has gotten some new sponsors for next year.
      • The cards will have a yearlong commitment and cannot be amended until the following year.
    • Plan is to have these ready by the end of July so that we can start selling them just as the last years will expire (July 31, 2017).
    • Talked about having the cards Navy/Gold or Black/Gold
    • Wayne will send out a proof for us to review.


  • Baseball concession ‐ Chara asked Coach Jones (Assistant AD) how we go about getting these repairs made now that baseball season is finished.
    • Coach Jones said a work order has to be put in. He said he would check with Coach Varacchi and Mrs. Whitley to get this done.
    • The list of repairs that needed to be made in the baseball concession in order to sell hot food is:
      • Repair flooring
      • Repair/replace lighting
      • Need handwashing sink
    • Update: Coach Jones reported from Varacchi that she wants to wait until the Fall to address these issues when she will have more funds to work with.

Old Business

  • Hall of Fame
    • 8 inductees - Since it is mandatory that the inductees be present, one could not be present this year, but will be on the list for the next Hall of Fame event held.
    • The dates of the Hall of Fame
      • Friday 10/20/17 - social in the afternoon and then the inductees will be announced that night at the Homecoming Football game
      • Saturday 10/21/17 - the inductees will be honored at the Banquet Supper
    • No New Updates reported.

New Business/Requests
New Business

  • Sheryl will look into a Pre‐Paid Visa to purchase Quick Books On‐line for the treasurer position.
  • Sheryl announced that Fike will have a Chick‐fil‐a account opened so we can sell Chick‐fil‐a sandwiches in concessions where we are allowed to sell hot foods.
  • Announced that Omega Sports - District Manager is interested in setting up a tent one night at a football game with free giveaways.
  • New Officers for 2017/2018 school year - Brian announced that we have confirmed a new treasurer for next year (Lori Herring) and the Secretary (Tanji Bass) will be remaining on. As far as a President/Vice President, Brian said he cannot get anyone to commit to the position and he and Wayne would remain in the current positions for next year but that he will have to be training someone for President for the 2018/2019 school year because the President can only be in that role for 2 years.
    • Coach Jones recommended that since there will be a new principal for next year and Coach Varacchi wasn't able to be at the meeting to just table the positions until we are able to meet with everyone once the new principal comes in.

Coach/Team Requests

  • Coach Jones - mentioned he was looking into Rings for two students who had won the State Champion title for golf. His quote that he had gotten was approx. $400. Brian advised Coach Jones to submit the request.

Upcoming Events

  • Coach Jones will see if and when Coach Varacchi can meet in June for the June General Membership meeting.