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March 20, 2017

Fike High School  
Athletic Boosters General Club Meeting Minutes
Monday, March 20th 2017
Submitted By:

Tanji Bass - Recording Secretary

Booster Board Representation: Brian Holder - President, Sheryl Creech - Treasurer, Tanji Bass - Secretary, and Tonya Boyette & Chara Batts - Concessions Chair
Absent was: Mark Holley - Principal, Toni Varacchi - School AD, Wayne Pierce - Vice President and Alice Pierce - Fundraising Co‐Chair

Coaches' Representation: There were no coaches present at this meeting

Parent's Representation: Amanda Norris

Meeting was opened up by Brian and Tanji gave a review of the previous minutes and reported that the minutes from the last meeting had been saved on the Fike High School's webpage under the Athletic Boosters link.

Principal and/or Athletic Director Report
Nothing new to report   


Finance Report

  • Sheryl provided an update of our finances
    • Track - Request for new Poles - Sheryl reported that this has not been paid. Not sure if Sonny has received new poles or not.


  • Sponsorships/Signage
    • Motion was made, seconded and approved that the renewal fee on the Platinum Sponsorships be changed from $300 to $500.


  • It was mentioned that we will still look into getting a standard size refrigerator for  
  • It was reported back on the Baseball concession that due to the relatively large list of repairs needed at this time and since the season is almost complete that she will not request to have the Baseball concession stand re‐inspected at this time.
    • The list of repairs that needed to be made in the baseball concession in order to sell hot food is:
      • Repair flooring
      • Repair/replace lighting
      • Need handwashing sink
  • There was a concern of the number of people (staff and coaches) that have a key to access all the concession stands and not being able to keep track of concession inventory purchased. The concerns were that some of the coaches would go in the concessions at any given time and get a drink or snack and we have no way of monitoring the inventory like that.
  • Brian suggested that we put in a request to change the locks on ALL the concessions & storage room.
  • Also need to put up signage the states:

Per The N.C. Health Department:

Old Business

  • Coach Jones represented Coach V on the request for the goals. Brian advised since there was a safety concern with the metal on the current ones, that the request has been approved, just need the final cost. Coach Jones advised he will pass along to Coach V to submit the needed prices and quotes.
    • UPDATE to Old Business: The quotes were received
  • Hall of Fame - Update
    • Now only 8 inductees - Since it is mandatory that the inductees be present, one could not be present this year, but will be on the list for the next Hall of Fame event held.
    • The dates of the Hall of Fame:
      • Friday night 10/20/17 - the inductees will be announces at the Homecoming Football game
      • Saturday 10/21/17 - the inductees will be honored at the Banquet Supper

New Business/Requests
New Business

  • A request was made to have Conference Champs T‐shirts made up for the Swimming team and the Girls Tennis team.
    • Brian has a lady that goes to his church that is willing to only print the number of shirts needed without having to purchase a large quantity. Brian will get quotes to Sheryl.

Coach/Team Requests

  • No specific coach or team requests

Upcoming Events

  • No upcoming events announced

The next meeting will be April 24th @ 6:30 p.m. for General Membership.