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February 27, 2017

Fike High School
Athletic Boosters General Club Meeting Minutes
Monday, February 2‐27‐17
Submitted By:

Tanji Bass - Recording Secretary

Booster Board Representation: Brian Holder - President, Sheryl Creech - Treasurer, Mark Holley - School Principal, Tanji Bass - Secretary, Glenn Jones - Representing as School Assistant AD, and Tonya Boyette/Chara Batts - Concessions Chair

Absent was: Toni Varacchi - School AD and Alice Pierce ‐Fundraising Co‐Chair

Coaches' Representation: Glenn Jones -Golf and George Bancroft ‐ Wrestling

Parent's Representation: Natasha Kent

Meeting was opened up by Brian and Tanji gave a review of the previous minutes and reported that the minutes from the last meeting had been saved on the Fike High School's webpage under the Athletic Boosters link.

Principal and/or Athletic Director Report
Nothing new to report

Finance Report

  • Sheryl provided an updated profit/loss report with a net total being $1,400
  • Other requests approved via email have been
    • Wrestling for Regionals & States (for qualifying athletes)
    • Track - Request for new Poles
    • Cross Country - Request for clock tripod


  • Sponsorships/Signage
    • Digital Signage in Gym
      • Determined that whenever the internet goes down and it has to be logged back into at school - that the digital sign in the gym will always have to be logged back into as well and that anyone who works with the school and has a password can sign in the system and bring the monitor screen back up. This can be anybody so we will need all the coaches' help to monitor the sign in the gym and if they see that the screen is black to log into the system so it can come back up. Directions will be written down as to how to do this.


  • Chara reported that the basketball season concessions went good.
  • The popcorn machine in the Football concession has now been fixed.
  • All the concessions are good on inspections through Dec. 31st 2017.
  • Fike will host the Christmas Basketball tournament in 2017.
  • Chara will be stocking the baseball concessions.

Old Business

  • Coach Jones represented Coach V on the request for the goals. Brian advised since there was a safety concern with the metal on the current ones, that the request has been approved, just need the final cost. Coach Jones advised he will pass along to Coach V to submit the needed prices and quotes.

New Business/Requests
New Business

  • There will be a new up‐coming Hall of Fame induction in the fall of the 2017/2018 school year.
    • There will be 9 inductees (These have already been decided on by the committee)
    • Announced during the Homecoming football game against Rocky Mt.
    • Friday - Hors d'oeuvres/refreshments
    • Saturday - Banquet
    • More to come at a later date
  • There was a question about Baseball concessions and if they were allowed to sell hot food.
    • Per Chara/Tonya - the last inspection resulted in that concession only being able to sell candy, popcorn, and drinks. They cannot sell any HOT foods such as Hot Dogs or Pizza because there is not a way to regulate the temperate to keep it hot.
    • The list of repairs that needed to be made in the baseball concession in order to sell hot food is:
    • Repair flooring
    • Repair/replace lighting
    • Need handwashing sink
    • It was decided there was a relatively large amount to fix just to be able to serve hot food so these repairs have been put on hold.
    • If the inspector shows up and sees that hot food is being sold without these repairs being made - they can shut the concession down.
    • It was suggested to sell a vendor spot like a vendor truck to come on‐site and sell hot food from their truck. This was being looked into.

Coach/Team Requests

  • Coach Bancroft - 2 wrestlers that will qualify for championships in Myrtle Beach. Was asking for Hotel and entry fees for the wrestlers. Brian requested to have Coach Wickham fill out a request form and submit this for approval.

Upcoming Events

  • Blood Drive - March 9th

The next meeting will be Mar. 20th @ 6:00 pm for General Membership