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Nov. 28, 2016

Fike High School
Athletic Boosters General Club Meeting Minutes
Monday, Nov. 28, 2016
Submitted By:

Tanji Bass - Recording Secretary

Booster Board Representation: Brian Holder and Wayne Pierce - President/Vice President and Fundraising Co‐Chair, Sheryl Creech - Treasurer, Toni Varacchi - School AD, Tonya Boyette/Chara Batts - Concessions Chair and Tanji Bass - Secretary
Absent was: Mark Holley - School Principal and Alice Pierce ‐Fundraising Co‐Chair

Coaches' Representation: Glenn Jones -Golf and Chris Mizelle‐Boys Soccer

Parent's Representation: There were not any parents in attendance at the meeting Meeting was opened up by Brian and Tanji reported that the minutes from the last meeting had been saved on the Fike Athletics google site. Tanji also reported that she is working with Steve Walston to get a section created on Fike's school website for Athletic Boosters and all the minutes will be saved to that site.

Principal and/or Athletic Director Report
Nothing new to report

Finance Report

  • Sheryl reported that she had received some invoice requests to be paid that there was no knowledge of
    • Volleyball jerseys - Coach V said that the volleyball coach didn't go through the normal channels for the jerseys but that volleyball had not purchased any uniforms in 6/7 years. These would be school owned for $1,023.95 and Coach V had approved this.
    • Adidas Wrestling Singlets - Coach V mentioned that Coach Wickham was supposed to submit a request for those but didn't ‐ $1,466.48 - Coach V approved this.
    • Swim caps for Swimming ‐ Coach V reported that she thought athletics had paid this.
  • To be paid to Fike Athletics
    • 1/2 season passes sold = $3,780
    • Booster Board = $1,650
    • Platinum Sponsors = $600
    • Request to go ahead & pay now ‐ $550 to Chara Batts for driving activity bus for JV Cheerleading.


  • Sponsorships/Signage
    • Wayne reported that he hoped to have the Plexiglas up by Friday to protect the digital screen. Wayne will be doing this himself.
    • Also mentioned again that any senior playing Winter sports can be added with their picture for senior night.
    • Wayne also reported that we can use the digital screen as a way to display dates for upcoming events.


  • Chara reported that all things were fixed & passed inspection for the basketball concession
  • Needed a tester for bleach solution
  • Needed a hanging thermometer for the refrigerator
  • Would like to have a small reach‐in freezer for the basketball concession to keep the cookie dough in
  • Football concessions is due Jan. 2, 2017

Old Business

  • No old business to report

New Business/Requests
Coach/Team Requests

  • Coach Edmundson - looking prices for a roof to be built over the batting cage.
  • Coach V and Coach Mizelle talked about the need for new practice soccer goals. There are some safety concerns with the metal on the current ones that are being used now.
  • Coach Jones reported that Golf was still waiting on some kids to turn in the discount cards.

Upcoming Events

  • Softball Jamboree - February 18th

**There will not be a December 2016 General Membership meeting.
The next meeting will be Jan. 23rd @ 6:30 for General Membership