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Oct. 24, 2016

Fike High School
Athletic Boosters General Club Meeting Minutes
Monday, Oct. 24, 2016
Submitted By:

Tanji Bass - Recording Secretary

Booster Board Representation: Brian Holder and Wayne Pierce - President/Vice President and Fundraising Co‐Chair, Sheryl Creech - Treasurer, Mark Holley - Principal, Tonya Boyette/Chara Batts - Concessions Chair and Tanji Bass - Secretary
Absent was: Toni Varacchi - School AD and Alice Pierce ‐Fundraising Co‐Chair

Coaches' Representation: Brent Secrest ‐ Basketball, Mike Wickham and George Bancroft ‐ Wrestling

Parent's Representation: There were not any parents in attendance at the meeting.

Meeting was opened up by Brian and Tanji reported that the minutes from the last meeting had been saved on the Fike Athletics google site and had been sent out to all the members. Tanji also reported a correction to the October meeting minutes with a change on one of the dates for the Upcoming Events. It was originally reported that the Wrestling Tournament was Nov. 19th and Dec. 7th. The correction was made that the Wrestling Tournament was Nov. 19th and Dec. 8th.

Principal and/or Athletic Director Report
Mr. Holley didn't have anything to report.

Finance Report

  • Sheryl provided a report for the Fike Discount card monies turned in thus far and also compared where we stood with the income from the discount cards 2015. Report shows that we are down about $3K so far from the income brought in from 2015. Keeping in mind, there are some fall sport teams that still need to turn in cards/money and we still have the winter/spring sport teams that will also be selling cards.
  • Will be paying Fike Athletics their portion of the season passes sold by Thanksgiving.


  • Discount Cards will be issued to the Wrestling team, Swimming, Basketball (Boys and Girls, JV & V), and Indoor Track. The winter sport players who also played a fall sport will not be required to sell discount cards again. The incentives for selling the discount cards are still in effect.
    • Sell 10 cards = FREE Discount Card
    • Sell 20 Cards = FREE T‐Shirt and FREE Discount Card
  • Sponsorships/Signage
    • Wayne reported that the larger TV screen had been purchased and the TV was mounted and up and running. The Plexiglas needs to be ordered so that it can protect the screen.
    • Wayne announced to the Wrestling and Basketball coaches that if there were any ads or sponsors specific to their teams, to let him know and they will be added to the digital sponsor screen.
    • Also in preparing for the senior night for the basketball, wrestling players and cheerleaders, Wayne announced that if the coaches could send pictures of the seniors to us that we can get them to Mike McHarg with Big Fish Digital Signs to be added to the monitor.
  • Discount Card vendor issue - Burger Boy
    • Wayne reported there had originally been an issue with Burger Boy after the cards were printed in which the vendor had changed their mind on the type of discount they wanted to offer. They instead wanted to offer the discount of $1 off a similar sandwich purchased. Wayne agreed and asked that the vendor put a sign up in their store indicating the change, which Burger Boy agreed to. The issue has since come up again with holders of the discount card and some back lash that Burger Boy had allegedly given them when wanting to use their discount card. Wayne has again spoken to Burger Boy and has worked this out.
      • Brian announced that next year, to reduce this type of issue from happening again, there will be a contract for each of the vendors to sign and date indicating they agree with the discount that will be printed on the discount card.


Old Business

  • The Wide Awake Cheer Jam was reported to have gone well. The proceeds for this event were still coming in so there was not a final total to announce. The proceeds will be used to offset the remaining cost of $3,179.39 for the cheerleading uniforms that boosters agreed to pay by Oct. 6th so there wouldn't be a late fee incurred, since the cheer jam was not scheduled until Oct. 22nd.

New Business/Requests
Coach/Team Requests

  • The tennis team made a request for funds for traveling to the State tournament. Request was approved.
  • Wrestling team - Demon Duels will be held Nov. 19th and Fike would be the host school so concessions will be needed. There will be 10 teams competing in the duels. There will be a hospitality room set up for the coaches and officials. Coach Wickham will let us know if he will need the boosters help with physical bodies in the hospitality room, but he did not think he would. He just needed the funds to help supply the meal and the concessions. Also a request was made for 1st and 2nd team trophies/plaques. Both requests were approved. Coach Wickham will go ahead and get a check for the food in the hospitality room and will have the trophies invoiced.
  • Coach Wickham - Wrestling, also announced that he was trying to get Hunt to let Fike host the Conference Tournament. He will let us know what is determined.


Basketball Concession Inspections
Still working on getting the last few things fixed in the Basketball concessions so that the County Health
Department Inspector can come back to inspect for Basketball season to begin.

  • The inspector found some issues that needed to be fixed and they will be back around the 1st of November to do a re‐check. Games are scheduled to start around the 3rd week in Nov.


  • Concessions reported that overall they were good; just still need parent volunteers for gym sport concessions right now.

Upcoming Events

  • Basketball games will begin Nov. 16th
  • Wrestling Tournament ‐ Dec. 8th here at Fike

**Next meeting will be Nov. 28 @ 7:00 for General Membership