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Sept. 27, 2016

Fike High School  
Athletic Boosters General Club Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, Sept. 27, 2016
Submitted By:

Tanji Bass - Recording Secretary

Booster Board Representation: Brian Holder and Wayne Pierce - President/Vice President, Sheryl Creech - Treasurer, Toni Varacchi - AD, Mark Holley - Principal, Tonya Boyette/Chara Batts - Concessions Chair and Tanji Bass - Secretary

Coaches' Representation: Larry Jackson, Lee Matthews, Kayla Batts, Katy Locke, Patrick Yarbrough, Andy Jenkins, Josh Jenkins, Myrl Ferrell, Mike Wickham and Coach Bancroft.

Parent's Representation: Stacy Creech, Felicia Rodgers, Greg Adkins, Eddie Weaver, and Mary Richardson

Meeting was opened up with Brian introducing the new officers for this year and he thanked the coaches for all that they do for our athletes.  Also announced this year our Booster Club Board Members will be dividing up the different sports and work with them more one on one so that the different sports will have their own sports representative that they can go directly to if they have a need, concern or question and need to reach someone quickly.

Brian Holder Wayne Pierce Tanji Bass Sheryl Creech
Volleyball Baseball Cheerleading Football
Basketball Golf Tennis Softball
Swimming Wrestling Soccer Track
  Cross Country   Indoor Track

Principal and/or Athletic Director Report
Mr. Holley didn't have anything to report and Coach V. only wanted to report on what Tennis was doing as a fundraiser.  The idea was suggested to create and sell benches for spectators to sit on out by the tennis courts.  The lumber was all donated and the cost of the bench to make was $60.  All the benches have been sold and next they will sell sponsorships plaques that will be put on the bench.

Finance Report

  • Tonight is the turn in night for the discount cards.
  • Sheryl reported on what it took from the Boosters in Funding Support for the 2015‐2016 School
    Year as a recap of monies spent and she also asked that if the coaches knew of something that
    they might would be needing funds for during this school year 2016‐2017, to go ahead and get a
    request to us so that we can budget for it.  They needed to use the same request forms as
    previously been using.


  • Discount Cards have been selling well and tonight was the turn in night.  There are still cards
    available to be sold so let us know if you still need any to sell.  The students got incentives this
    year for selling the discount cards.
    • Sell 10 cards = FREE Discount Card
    • Sell 20 Cards = FREE T‐Shirt and FREE Discount Card
  • Season Passes are still available and will be for sale at the Football and Volleyball games and at
    Blissful Boutique. Or you can get in touch with any Booster Board Member and they can get you
    • Family Pack (2 adult/2 student passes) = $200
    • Adult Individual = $100
    • Student Individual ‐ $50
  • Sponsorships/Signage
    • Made calls for all the renewals and new prospects and now following up in process
    • 4 Platinum Sponsors: Pizza Inn, Miller Gibbons, Summerlin Oil and Sallenger & Brown
    • Wayne reported that the digital advertising is close to be up and running.  We need to purchase a larger TV screen so the advertising can be seen from a distance.  Desire is to get a 70 inch or larger screen to fill all the ad slots.  Wayne & Brian is looking into getting metal brackets to mount the TV screen and Plexiglas to cover and protect the screen from anything hitting it.

Old Business

  • Athletic Banquets - Coach V. reported back that from the surveys there were various thoughts on how the banquets should be done, when they should be done and what should be done. It was suggested to let the board discuss more in depth and then let's make a decision.

New Business/Requests
Coach/Team Requests

  • Cheerleading - Will be having a Cheer Jam & Vendor Fair on Sat. Oct. 22 from 10‐1:30 and also request Booster to take care of concessions.  They currently have 16 teams signed up and had hoped to us this money to pay for the other half of the new cheerleading uniforms that were purchased in the spring.  The remainder of the uniform cost is due by Oct. 6th without incurring a late fee. Coach Locke asked for Boosters to go ahead and pay the remaining balance of $3,179.39 on the cost of the uniforms and in return everything that was made at the Cheer Jam will be given back to Booster to make up this cost.  Motion was made & second to go ahead and pay the remaining balance on the uniforms.
  • Cross Country - Fike Nite - 12 teams showed up this year.  Coach Yarbrough was requesting $50
    for Wilson County Cross Country - It was suggested for him to submit his request for approval.

Basketball Concession Inspections
For those that did not know, all the concession stands now have to be inspected by the County Health Department Inspector each year before they will be approved to be used.  We have already been approved for Football, Soccer and Volleyball (not serving hot food).  The inspector had to come back out to inspect for Basketball season to begin.

  • The inspector found some issues that needed to be fixed and they will be back around the 1st of November to do a re‐check.  Games are scheduled to start around the 3rd week in Nov.
  • Football and Soccer are approved through December
  • Concession areas CANNOT be a storage area for other items.
  • Hot Food is NOT approved and CANNOT be served out of the Soccer, Softball, or Baseball
  • Will need parent volunteers for gym sports, soccer, softball and baseball concessions

Parking Passes/Tailgating Parking

  • The visitor's entry gate for Football is the gate that the concession workers or Booster members may use because the parking is closer to the concession stand especially if they are bringing in items for the concessions.  The person manning the gate is not always the same person and sometimes makes it difficult on letting those people through the gate.  It was suggested to maybe sell parking passes or tailgating passes for those people who may want to park over on that side.  The pass will be an entry marker into the gate for them and a way for the Boosters to raise some more funds.  Since it was so close to the end of the Football season for this year, it was decided to table it for this year and think about it for next year.

Upcoming Events

  • Tennis Regional Playoffs - Oct. 21st & Oct 22nd 
  • Cheerleading - Wide Awake Cheer Jam - Oct. 22nd 
  • Volleyball will begin playoff games - Date to be announced
  • Wrestling Tournament - Nov. 19th and Dec. 7th

**Next meeting will be Oct. 24th @ 7:00 for General Membership