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November 10, 2016


Present: Lori Walston, Leanne Thomas, Alice Pierce, Felicia Rodgers, Lee Ann Madar, Windy Boswell, Mark Holley, Heidi Pope, Michelle Harrell, Sam Cohen, Todd Anderson, Lisabeth Sumner

Lori opened the meeting with a welcome.

Treasurer's Report:
Windy reported the current balance is $19,667.62. She presented the Treasurer's Report, which indicates the profit from the Friends of Fike fundraising campaign this year was $7,242.00. This was significantly less than last year, so we may not be able to pay out $15,000 in teacher grants as originally budgeted. Also, we may need to adjust the budget for the Academic Celebration.

Alice reported that she has been researching opportunities for additional fundraisers. We will be looking at the months of January, February and March for Spirit Night possibilities. Other fundraisers discussed were: Mattress Warehouse, Five Below, spaghetti dinner, Pizza Inn, basketball concessions, raffles, craft vendors, Pink Pearl, Butter Braids, mums, Gerber Daisies, Penny Wars, and Kiss the Pig. If anyone has any fundraising ideas, please contact Alice.

Teacher Grants/Teacher Reimbursements:
Teacher Grant Applications went to teachers on Nov. 3. They are due back Nov. 28.

Tim Williford has sent an invitation (via email) to board members to join Basecamp for us to share ideas, gather feedback and track progress on the grant process. Tim will be posting completed applications for us to review. Please login. If you do not have access to Basecamp, please send an email to Lori Walston.

Mr. Holley announced that the survey, which asked if the teachers would be interested in the $50 reimbursement vs. the grants, resulted with 36 people = yes and 26 = no.

There was a discussion as to whether we will have the funds to support both the grants and the $50/teacher reimbursement. Mr. Holley recommended we table this discussion/decision until the December or January meeting. A motion and second was made and all voted yes to wait until December or January to have further discussion and to make the decision.

Teacher Appreciation:
Felicia reported that more freshman and junior parents have signed up to assist. There is a signup currently for Pie Day, which is November 21 from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. in the Round Room. If you wish to help with this, please contact Felicia Rodgers.

The next TA event is Christmas Soup & Salad Luncheon on December 21 from 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. in the Library.

Academic Excellence:
This ceremony, which recognizes students who have a 4.0 or higher GPA at mid-semester, will be held April 28, 2017. We need a motivational speaker. If you know of someone, please contact Lori Walston or Lee Ann Madar.

News from Mr. Holley:
It has been a trying couple of weeks with the serious bomb threats that occurred. The school has a formal lockdown procedure that it follows. Because of this, it is important that all students stay on campus until dismissed and that parents do not come to pick up their children.

The school is making sure cameras are in place to see who is leaving class and going into certain areas at all times throughout the day. This will hopefully allow them to narrow down suspects of this serious act. If you or your children hear about something related to these instances, please contact Deputy Drew or Mr. Holley.

Our next PTO meeting will be held December 8 at noon. The meeting will last at least 1 ½ hours due to Grant/Reimbursements discussion.

The meeting was adjourned.