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September 8, 2016


Present: Lori Walston, Leanne Thomas, Alice Pierce, Felicia Rodgers, Lee Ann Madar, Windy Boswell, Mark Holley, Jack Pate, Heidi Pope, Mona Lamonds, Michelle Harrell, Sam Cohen, Kendrick Toney

Lori opened the meeting with a welcome and introductions. She reminded everyone these monthly meetings are the only time that Fike parents gather together to discuss school business. All parents are welcome to attend, and please contact her if you feel the need for a meeting time other than the regularly scheduled board meetings. Please help spread this information among school parents.

Friends of Fike:
Alice reported the fundraising forms have been mailed to all Fike families. We have received $1,930 so far. When she receives a form back she will, in turn, see that the family receives their season athletic passes. The t-shirts are good quality, and we wanted them to be different from last year's. Students must wear this year's t-shirt to take advantage of the awarded early release day.

There was a discussion as to why the awarded game ticket is limited to only one game and why we don't let the students use them for a game of choice. Mr. Holley explained that we do this in order to not have the worry of an open-ended, lingering pass in which copies can be made, etc.

Teacher Grants/Teacher Reimbursements:
Tim Williford has sent an invitation (via email) to join Basecamp for all to share ideas, gather feedback and track progress on the grant process. Please log in. He will be posting completed applications for us to review and vote on them. October 3 is when we will distribute the information to the teachers.

Mr. Holley announced that the staff is very interested in the $50 reimbursement (for each teacher) from the PTO for general classroom needs. They would submit receipts to receive this reimbursement. He sent out a survey to gain insight on our teachers' feelings toward the grant process. Unfortunately, a problem occurred and he is unable to access any data. He will create and send out another survey.

There was also discussion as to whether or not we will have the funds to support both the grants and the $50/teacher reimbursement. We will discuss and vote on this at our October meeting, once we have the data back from the teacher survey and we know the total funds generated from the Friends of Fike campaign.

Teacher Appreciation:
Felicia reported that she has presented a proposed calendar of events to Ms. Whitley for approval by Mr. Holley. Once approved, Lori will send it out to everyone. In the past, staff birthday recognition was not consistent, so this year we have an opportunity to be provided $2.00 gift certificates at the cost of $1.50 each from Cupcake Dream.

Treasurer's Report:
Windy reported the current balance is $12,821.22. She also reminded us that the profit from the Friends of Fike campaign last year was $12,195.29.

Academic Excellence:
This ceremony, which recognizes students who have a 4.0 or higher GPA at mid-semester, will be held April 28, 2017.

News from Mr. Holley:
We have 1,253 students enrolled; 200 students are enrolled in online classes. The school year opening was very good, and we are fully staffed. Lunches are going smoothly and the buses running, with minor hiccups being addressed. The candidate for our new assistant principal will go before the School Board for approval on Sept. 19.

He reminds everyone to please follow the correct travel routes in the parking lot.

The Junior class ring presentation will be held Sept. 9. A Junior parent night will be held later in the year. This Monday, Sept. 12, is Freshman parent night, and Wednesday night, Sept. 14, will be Senior parent night. Please be on the lookout for the school Important Dates calendar, which will be appearing on the website in the near future.

Tuesday, Sept. 13, are school pictures for the yearbook. The Junior class begins picture taking during 1st block. September 14 is the makeup date. Parents, homeroom is where your child receives the picture order forms. All Seniors will have their breakfast next Friday and will be taking their class picture at this time. A reminder to all Senior parents that the FAFSA deadline for completion has been moved to October.

The office is in need of adult volunteers to help answer the phone during lunch breaks. Please contact them if you are available to assist with this.

Our PTO meeting dates for the remainder of the school year are as follows:
October 13, November 10, December 8, January 12, February 9, March 9, April 13, and May 11 at noon. If there is not a need to meet, Lori will notify us if a meeting is cancelled. She also reminded us that the minutes are published on the website and that her contact information is also there if anyone has any questions.

The meeting was adjourned.