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August 11, 2016


Present: Lori Walston, Leanne Thomas, Alice Pierce, Felicia Rodgers, Tim Williford, Lee Ann Madar, Elizabeth Black, Lisabeth Sumner, Mark Holley

Lori opened the meeting with a welcome and introductions. She reminded everyone that Steve Walston is the Fike webmaster, and if you have any updates for the website to let her know.

Treasurer's Report:
Current balance is $12,821.22.

Open House:
Fike's Open House will be August 25 from 6-8 pm. Lori encourages PTO members to participate. Please arrive at 6:00 - we will gather in the auditorium. We will have a table with signup sheets for parent volunteer opportunities. Please send Lori an email if you would like to help at Open House.

Teacher Appreciation:
Felicia is chairperson. We discussed the monthly recognition of staff and faculty birthdays. Mr. Holley mentioned that instead of large meals, we should consider something small for each person. The idea of having a goodie bag to place in each box was decided upon.


Friends of Fike - Alice met with the Booster Club. They will still provide us the athletic passes but are asking for a portion of the profit generated from those levels including the passes. In spite of this, it was decided to keep the giving level donation amounts the same as last year. The $30 giving level will include a t-shirt and free game ticket. Lori made a motion to determine whether the Game Night should be September 26 (volleyball or soccer) or October 6 (JV football).  The majority vote was for October 6. In the past, this was paired with an early release day. Mr. Holley will be getting permission to include an early release day this year. The FOF fundraising form will be amended to include an area that parents will need to sign, giving permission for their child to be released early from school. We will mail the forms to all families and provide them for pickup at our Open House table.

Spirit Nights - Alice proposed having Spirit Nights once a month, possibly on an athletic home game night. Ideas for locations include Panera Bread, Buffalo Wild Wings, Chili's, Jersey Mike's, BrewMasters, Pizza Hut, Highway 55 and Five Below.

Harris Teeter/Target - Everyone is encouraged to link to their education partnership programs.

Fike Merchandise - Lee Ann inquired about selling Fike merchandise and apparel as an additional means of raising funds. Ideas were discussed about possible ways to do this. The down side is that all items would have to be purchased in advance, so it was decided to not go any further with this right now.

Lori encourages anyone who has fundraising ideas to contact her. The possibility of setting up a subcommittee was mentioned.

Grant update:
Tim Williford is the grant coordinator. Last year we funded approximately $10,000 in teacher grants. These grants provided larger-ticket items for the teachers' classrooms. He will post so we can see last year's grants awarded. Again this year, he will set up the project using Basecamp, which will allow board members access to and communication about the grant requests. October 31 is this year's deadline for submission, with November 30 being the reward date. Mr. Holley will be polling the teachers to see if they want to bring back the $50 per teacher PTO donation. This would allow them to purchase consumable supplies that grants may not buy. Implementing this will reduce the grant funds available to them.

News from Mr. Holley:

  1. The 2015-16 school year was a good year. We are a shining star in the county. He is proud of our academic performance. The students performed above the state average in English and Biology.
  2. Assistant Principal Mr. Westbrook will be leaving Fike. On August 22 Mr. Holley will begin interviewing for this open position.

Lori mentioned that we still need another Freshman parent representative on the PTO board. Please let her know of any recommendations you may have.

We all indicated that the second Thursday of every month at noon is convenient for our meetings. Lori will send out an email of tentative dates for our upcoming meetings.

The meeting was adjourned.