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Present: Ginger Jablonski, Leanne Thomas, Sam Cohen, Ginger Gliarmis, Felicia Rodgers, Elizabeth Black, Michelle Harrell, Linda Hanson, Alice Pierce, Mark Holley, Windy Boswell, Lori Walston, Lee Ann Madar, Kelly Gunter

Treasurer's Report:
Current balance is $12,871.22. Windy reported that there are still a few expenses that need to be paid:

  • $50 to Ginger for GoFundMe Campaign for Vonte's Thomas' funeral expenses
  • A few miscellaneous expenses for Academic Excellence

Tragic Event Policy:
Lori moved that we provide $50 from the PTO toward flowers, funeral expenses, or whatever the family might need in the event that a Fike student or staff member passes away. Linda seconded. The vote passed.

2016-2017 PTO Board Officers and Representatives:
Linda moved to approve the slate of officers, Elizabeth Black seconded. All were in favor and the motion passed.


  • President - Lori Walston
  • Vice President - Michelle Harrell
  • Treasurer - Windy Boswell
  • Secretary - Leanne Thomas
  • Friends of Fike Chair - Alice Pierce
  • Teacher Appreciation - Felicia Rodgers
  • Grant Coordinator - Tim Williford
  • Website Coordinator - Steve Walston
  • Academic Excellence Chair - Lee Ann Madar

    Other Board Members:
    Sam Cohen, Carol Abrams, Ginger Gliarmis, Sherry Hodges, Elizabeth Black, Kelly Gunter

Ginger turned the meeting over to Lori and the new PTO Board members.

Summertime Needs:
Lori asked Mr. Holley if the school has any summertime needs. Mr. Holley indicated that there will be no PTO needs during the summer.

Back to School Fair:
The date will be either the 13th or the 20th of August. Lori asked if the PTO has been involved with this in the past. The answer was no. Lori mentioned that if anyone is interested in being involved that she will send them information.

PTO Meeting Dates and Times:
Lori asked if everyone was happy with the current day (Thursday) and time (noon) for meetings. There were no objections. She mentioned that we would meet once a month during the upcoming school year. The first day of the 2016-2017 school year is August 29. The group discussed wanting to meet prior to that. Two dates were discussed: August 11 or August 16. Mr. Holley mentioned that August 18 was the Summer Teacher Conference held at Fike, so it was decided not to hold the meeting on this date. Lori will finalize the August meeting date by July.

Teacher Appreciation:
Mr. Holley informed the Board that the school funds a breakfast at their opening staff meeting. In the past the PTO has not participated in this. Lori asked if the Board would want to participate in Teacher Appreciation at the beginning of school, and if so, what would we want to do. Felicia stated that she is going to meet with past chairperson Page Smith to get the book with things that have been done in the past.

Lori would like to make all parents with students at Fike more aware of what the PTO is doing.

Teacher Wish Lists:
Ginger asked what the PTO provides toward teacher supply needs.

  1. Mr. Holley said that all teachers like the current Grant Program which mainly focuses on big-ticket items (up to $400 per teacher or $1,000 per department.) He proposed if we want to donate more, in addition to the Grant Program, that we give $50 per teacher or $250 per department. He suggested we discuss this and set parameters.
  2. Windy mentioned that if teachers were to submit receipts for reimbursement that it would be too cumbersome to keep up with. She suggested that the PTO donates a flat check of $50 to each teacher. Mr. Holley indicated Fike has 78 to 80 teachers. He mentioned that only 2 teachers have said anything to him about PTO assistance with supply needs. He will get with teachers to have them provide their feedback on the above proposed assistance.
  3. Sam said he thinks it is a good idea to make the proposed donation with left over grant funds.
  4. Lori would like this to be an Agenda item at our next meeting.

Open House:
August 25, 2016, will be Fike's Open House for the upcoming school year. Lori would like us to discuss the PTO Booth and will place this on the agenda at our next meeting.

Review of Academic Excellence Celebration:
George provided the following information to the Board:

  1. WEP (Wilson Education Partnership) turned over the event to Fike this year.
  2. Speaker - Managed his time well and gave a good visual presentation. The speaker, whom Paula arranged, came from the YMCA.
  3. Fike was allotted $1,500 and only spent $935. This was due, in part, to Paula's involvement with providing the speaker for a great price.
  4. Group Pictures - Having the students come an hour ahead of time worked really well.
  5. Photographers - Lee Ann Madar will be looking into this for next year. Lori knows someone who will freelance.
  6. The name tags on the seats worked well.
  7. Gifts - Seniors were recognized with Roo Cups and Chick-fil-A Gift Cards.
  8. Deb Rogers was responsible for distributing lists of eligible students, the certificates and the Senior information sheets. All was handled very well. Deb will also be taking care of the Senior Plaque recognizing those who have achieved a 4.0 or greater all four years. A decision will need to be made as to where the plaque will be placed.
  9. Parking went very well. Keep same procedures for next year.
  10. Administrative - Mail merging required for parent invitations and certificates.
  11. Lee Ann Madar is the new the chairperson for this event.

Proctors/Testing Dates:
Mr. Holley to provide any upcoming Proctor needs. Testing dates are June 3, 6, 7 and 8.

The gift for the Senior Graduation speaker has been taken care of.

Friends of Fike:
Alice will meet with the Booster Club.

The meeting was adjourned. Our next meeting will be in August, and Lori will inform us of the date.