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November 12, 2015


Present: Mark Holley, Ginger Jablonski, Tim Williford, Windy Boswell, Paula Benson, Felicia Rodgers, Sam Cohen, Cathy Mount, Lee Ann Madar, Alice Pierce and Linda Hanson

Grant Review:
Note: All purchases will be coordinated with Ms. Pitts so that Fike will receive the best discount available and to ensure that models of equipment purchased will be compatible with those already existing at Fike. Dollar amounts are those requested on the grant. Actual prices will be determined when products are ordered and may be slightly different than amount requested due to school discount, taxes or shipping.


  1. Jason Arnold, Social Studies: Document Camera - $400
  2. Felissa Battle, English Department: Books up to $1,000.
  3. Sarah Fenske, Band: Drum and cymbal set - $390
  4. Katherine Hoots, EC: Document Camera approved up to $400
  5. Dana Lee, Counseling Center: Table and runner for presentations - $343
  6. Main Office: Barriers, retractable belts and belt stanchions for crowd control - $700
  7. Christa Mercer, Food and Nutrition: Food prep and cooking supplies - $360
  8. Leigh Ann Orr, Beta Club: Supplies - $225
  9. Trevor Pilkington, PE and Health: Projector and Screen - $430
  10. Louise Price, Media Center (for math and engineering classes and anime club): Robots - $400
  11. Kathy Prince, Math: ECU math contest, registration for up to 30 students @ $7/student
  12. Kathy Proctor, IB project: Memorial garden for CAS hours - $400
  13. Marjorie Sisco, French: Classroom supplies - $200
  14. Scott Thompson, CTE: Projector for Round Room and Auditorium - $400
  15. Toni Varacchi, PE department: Dumbbells and jump ropes - $735
  16. Jill Wheeler, Prom supplies - $400
  17. Jessica Dumong, Health Science, CTE: Color Printer - $150
  18. Kathy Prince, Math Department: Calculators - Will fund 30 calculators - $3000

Deferred for further clarification:

  1. Felissa Battle, Yearbook: Nikon digital point and shoot camera - $250
    Requested a "point and shoot" but described an "SLR" camera - need to clarify which type of camera she wants.  
  2. Paula Cobb, Business Department: Digital SLR Camera - $740
    Need to clarify whether she wants the package including tripod, lenses, etc., or just camera.  
  3. Dana Lee, Counseling Center: 4 chairs, electric stapler, electric hole punch - $590  
  4. LaDonna Mangum, Biology: Display units for CO2 probeware - $294
    Does she need the display unit or the sensors, and will this new purchase work with her purchase from last year?


  1. Kimberly Howard, AVID: Graduation invitation, tassels, diplomas and reception - $500
    Does not meet PTO guidelines. All items are consumables and cannot be used as a resource after graduation.  
  2. Larry Jackson, Social Studies: Magazine subscription - $320
    Does not meet PTO guidelines for programs that are sustainable as opposed to yearly expenses.  
  3. Chris Mizelle, Athletics: Washer and dryer for baseball field house to be used by baseball and soccer teams - $988
    Does not meet PTO guidelines for educational purposes. However, in appreciation for the athletic booster's support of the PTO's Friends of Fike campaign, we will provide the funds for this equipment as a special request. Mr. Holley will tell Chris, and then Tim will send a letter denying the grant request.  
  4. Taylor Price, Counseling Center: Community College Exploration Day - $310
    Does not meet PTO guidelines:
    "The sole purpose of the grant proposal should not be to cover admission fees and/or transportation costs associated with a field trip."  
  5. Marjorie Sisco, International Club: Field trip to Biltmore Estates - $1,000
    Does not meet PTO guidelines concerning field trips.  
  6. Beth Wiggs, Art Club and Honors Art: Field trip to Biltmore Estates - $1,000
    Does not meet PTO guidelines concerning field trips.  
  7. Beth Wiggs, Visual Arts honors: Field trip to NCSU school of design - $583
    Does not meet PTO guidelines concerning field trips.  
  8. Scott Ward, Athletics: Portable treatment/taping table - $735
    Does not meet educational requirements.

Alice Pierce of the PTO Board purchased the electric pencil sharpener and desktop computer speakers requested by Mrs. Wheeler for her classroom.

Tim will send letters from the PTO to each teacher whose grants were either deferred or denied. When he receives clarification from the teachers whose grants were deferred, the board will discuss funding approval either by email or at an additional meeting.

Respectfully submitted by Linda Hanson


1/9/16 Addendum to PTO minutes:

1. Deferred for further clarification:
After receiving clarification from Felissa Battle, Paula Cobb, Dana Lee and LaDonna Mangum, all deferred grants were approved for funding.

2. Athletic Department washer and dryer:
On 1/7/16 Mr. Holley made a request from the PTO for a washer and dryer for the athletic department, which would be used to help clean uniforms worn in games by all Fike athletic teams throughout the year. The Fike PTO recognizes that the Athletic Boosters have been strong supporters of the Friends of Fike campaign and the Fike PTO, allowing us to sell booster passes as part of the PTO fundraiser. In a vote done by email, the PTO board voted to approve the request for the washer and dryer for the athletic department.