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September 17, 2015


Present: Mark Holley, Ginger Jablonski, Linda Hanson, Windy Boswell, Paula Benson, Sam Cohen, Lori Walston, Sherry Rogers, Cathy Mount, Lee Ann Madar, and Tim Williford. Also present as guest attendees were Joni Welfare and Felicia Rodgers.

Grant Application Guidelines:

The board reviewed the proposed changes to the Grant Application Guidelines, which are summarized below.

  1. a) the amount requested by the applicant must include all costs, including shipping and handling.
    b) if the application is for a technology item, the applicant must consult with Fike's technology staff to ensure that it is compatible with existing systems.
    c) Grant recipients will work with designated office staff to purchase the items covered by the grant, and the PTO will reimburse Fike for the purchases. 
  2. A few minor grammatical changes were made. 
  3. Mr. Holley requested that the grant application policies be discussed at the next faculty meeting on September 30 so the teachers can begin writing their grants earlier. The board agreed and decided to move up the deadline and notification dates by a month, thereby facilitating earlier receipt of items that have been granted. This year, the deadline for grant submission will be Friday, October 30, and notification will be on Monday, November 30. The timing of grant submission and notification will be evaluated each year, and left to the discretion of the PTO board and Mr. Holley.

    Paula or Ginger will attend the faculty meeting to explain the grant process. 
  4. Finally, Tim will add generic language to Part 3 of the guidelines to state that the PTO will make available up to $15,000 for grant awards.

    Once the corrections and additions have been made by Tim, the PTO Grant guidelines will be published on the Fike PTO website.


Treasurer's Report:

  1. $15,060 was deposited into the PTO account from the Friends of Fike campaign.  
  2. Expenses for the t-shirts and mailing were $2,288.77, resulting in a profit of $12,771.23.   
  3. The t-shirts will be distributed during all lunches on Thursday, 9/24.   
  4. Note for next year's mailing: labels must say "....or Current Resident," or "Return to Sender" in order to get the bulk mailing rate. Next year we will use a mailing service. 


Mr. Holley's report:

  1. Fike has over 1,300 students this year. Everything is going very well.   
  2. He recently hired a new guidance counselor. We have a Counseling Center that can't be beat! 

New Business:

  1. Paula invited us to begin thinking about new incentives to encourage parents to join Friends of Fike next year. Currently, we have given out 46 student athletic passes and approximately 40 adult athletic passes in return for Friends of Fike donations. We will probably not be able to offer athletic passes next year.   
  2. Windy would like to bring breakfast or lunch to the office staff in appreciation for their help during the Friends of Fike campaign. There was some discussion about purchasing Friends of Fike t-shirts or Fike t-shirts for the cafeteria and custodial staff in appreciation for what they do. Lori will look up national appreciation dates for various school employees and report back to the board.   
  3. Ginger asked everyone to read over the grant proposals prior to our next meeting so that we will be ready to discuss them. They will be available in the beginning of November.   

The meeting was adjourned. The next meeting will be Thursday, November 12, at noon in the media center.