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May 20, 2015

Fike Advisory Board

Present: Lori Walston, Tim Williford, George Mount, Sam Cohen, Robin Williams, Cathy Mount, Phyllis Leary, Tonya Sorenson, Laura Harris, Ginger Jablonski, Lee Ann Madar, Kelly Gunter, Mark Holley, Windy Boswell, Paula Benson and Linda Hanson

Review of Academic Champions Celebration: George reviewed costs and events:

  1. Picture-taking process for underclassmen was long, and some students left as soon as it was over, missing pictures. Next year: take underclassmen pictures before; take senior pictures after.
  2. Underclassmen certificate distribution: pass out immediately after ceremony before students leave. Have parents, teachers, counselors help distribute.
  3. Gifts: Roo cup, old-fashioned coin purse and 8 quarters - loved by the seniors. Keep this idea for next year.
  4. Program paper: use lighter weight next year.
  5. Word of mouth will hopefully encourage more attendance by parents.
  6. Seniors need to line up on the risers from the top down instead of bottom up.
  7. Consequences of seniors moving on and off the list of 4.0 will have to be addressed for plaques and master plaque.
  8. Start thinking now about a speaker for next year. This is the costliest part of the program.


  1. Improvements to communication between the school and parents have been made with the following tools: the Counselor web page, the PTO website, and Fike website. All are being kept up to date.
  2. Regarding the problem with hearing the announcements in some classrooms where the intercoms don't work: a new phone system is being installed for next year, which will hopefully solve the problem.

Academic Integrity:

  1. Mr. Holley is leaving discipline of students concerning grades up to the teacher. However, the teacher is required to give a student a discipline referral for a cheating incident so that Mr. Holley will know.
  2. Students and parents can always tell Mr. Holley if they think a teacher knows that a student is cheating but the teacher is not doing anything about it.


  1. Mr. Holley has met with coaches to review each sport's season. Some concerns regarding coaching have been addressed.


  1. Keep the same fundraiser next year.
  2. The "spirit" game (where students who's parents contributed to the PTO fundraiser are released early) will be September 25.
  3. T-shirts will be made by a new company.
  4. T-shirt design contest - student with winning design will get $25.
  5. All purchases and payments of equipment by teachers using PTO grant money will be run through Fike books, with PTO reimbursing Fike.

Budget Review:

  1. Windy reviewed the budget.
  2. We awarded $12,172.85 in teacher grants.
  3. Remaining in PTO account: $12,654.39.

Officers for Next Year: President - Ginger Jablonski, Vice President - Paula Benson, Treasurer - Windy Boswell, Secretary - Linda Hanson, Senior Rep - Joni Welfare, Junior Rep - Sam Cohen, Sophomore Rep - Lori Walston, Freshman Rep - Lee Ann Madar, Grant Coordinator - Tim Willliford, Teacher Appreciation Chair - Page Smith, Website Coordinator - Steve Walston, Special Fundraiser Coordinator - Alice Pearce, Academic Award Celebration Coordinator - George Mount.

Parking Lot: New lines, new numbers, and a new traffic flow pattern will be painted on the parking lot in July.

Teacher Appreciation: Parker's donated most of the food. Please thank Kevin Lamm for his generosity.

The next PTO meeting will be held Tuesday, August 11 at 12:00 in the library. The school year calendar and a list of clubs will be available at that meeting.

The meeting was adjourned.