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October 2, 2014


Present: Paula Benson, Windy Boswell, Mark Holley, Tim Williford, Sam Cohen, Cathy Mount, Lew Martin, Phyllis Leary, Tonya Sorenson, Laura Harris, Ginger Jablonski, Michelle Harrell, Bari Rogers, Linda Hanson

Fundraising Report: We raised $16,000 before expenses from the Friends of Fike Fundraiser, and will have approximately $13,000 left when expenses are paid. 249 students participated. Our current balance is $25,159.00

Grants: Tim Williford reviewed his proposed Grant Application and PTO Grant Policies (copy attached). The dates and timing of deadlines for grant applications will be worked out by a smaller committee. Paula felt it was more important to make a decision about how much money we should spend on teacher grants, and how that money will be awarded among teachers and departments.

There was a discussion about whether or not to limit the number of grants, and cap the amount of a grant, as well as the total amount of money we should spend on grants. Tim suggested spending most of the money and leaving $5,000 in our bank account. Michelle Harrell made a motion that we award $15,000 in grants, leaving $10,000 in our bank account for other expenditures such as teacher appreciation, funds requested by Mr. Holley, or emergency funds. Tonya seconded the motion, and the motion was passed.

Ginger moved that we accept grant applications for up to $500 per teacher or up to $2,000 per department, with one application being accepted per teacher or per department. Discussion ensued; but the motion was not followed by a second.

Windy moved that we accept grant applications for up to $400 per teacher, and $1,000 per department, with one application being accepted per teacher or department. Sam seconded the motion. Lew reminded everyone that it is important that teachers know they can always ask for help from the PTO or Mr. Holley in an urgent situation and that we would try to help if possible. Windy's motion was voted on and passed. Tim will revise the Grant Policies and e-mail them to everyone on the board so that we can read and respond to Tim either in agreement or with questions.

After a brief discussion of the criteria, we determined that although the Grant Policy says "...preference is given to 'capital items,' items that may be used year after year..." the criteria as described are broad enough to be inclusive of a variety of needs.

Teacher Appreciation:  Tonya reported that the Teacher Appreciation committee has met and will be doing the following:

  • Halloween - put something in the teachers' mailboxes to let them know they are being thought of.
  • Pie Day - Monday, 11/24
  • Christmas luncheon - Wednesday, December 17


The committee uses very little money from the PTO budget as most of what they provide comes from donations.

Parent Advisory Report:

  1. Steve Walston is working on the PTO website, which will have a link on the Fike home page. The website itself will either be part of the Fike website, or its own website, as determined by Steve and Jessica Bailey of WCS central office. Steve will be responsible for maintaining the PTO website. Paula will let our committee know when it is ready so that we can assess it and give her feedback.
  2. Work is being done to fix the problems encountered at the beginning of the year regarding fees and parking passes.
  3. Mr. Holley shared his vision of changing the culture at Fike, to make classroom instruction the primary focus.
  4. Parents who indicated on the Friends of Fike form that they were interested in volunteering have been added to the volunteer e-mail list by Phyllis.


Comments from Mr. Holley:

  1. Mr. Holley talked to Mark Letchworth (Wilson County Schools, Facilities) about the intercom system. They are working on connecting the old intercom system that is in some classrooms to the new phone system at no cost.
  2. The class of 1960 purchased a bike rack for the school with funds they had left over from a previous purchase. The bike rack needs to be assembled and then will be ready for use.
  3. Chrome book roll-out will still be taking place. Three carts of chrome books (90) will be available by the end of October. The current plan is to distribute chrome books to all students in January.


Meeting was adjourned. The next meeting is tentatively scheduled for December 4 at noon.