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August 7, 2014


Present: Paula Benson - President, Robin Williams - VP, Fund Raising chair, Windy Boswell - Treasurer, Sam Cohen, Bari Rodgers, Michelle Harrell, Mark Holley - Principal, Ginger Jablonski, Cathy Mount, Linda Hanson - Secretary

Treasurer's Report: $13,207.77 in the PTO account

Fund Raising:

  1. Should we raise the minimum Donor level of the PTO fund raising campaign above $25? Considerations - the new technology fee will be collected at the beginning of the school year, competing with the PTO Friends of Fike fund raising campaign. After some discussion, we decided to address this at the end of the meeting.
  2. Reminders to link Harris Teeter VIC cards and Target cards to Fike.
  3. September 26 will be the Friends of Fike game day, when students whose parents contributed to the fund raiser will be released early from school and contributors who received a free football ticket will be able to attend the game.

Parking Lot Update:
A parking lot committee came up with a plan to redo the parking lot that would cost $8,000. A donor agreed to contribute $2,000+ toward the cost, and the PTO agreed to contribute $2,000, Mark Holley agreed to contribute funds from the Fike budget, and Wilson County Schools (WCS) would pay a portion. However, the plan was not approved by the DOT. WCS Maintenance is continuing to work with DOT to come up with another plan. In the meantime, small improvements will be made, such as adding stripes, re-painting lines, and adding signs.

PTO Survey Highlights:

  1. The number one concern indicated on the surveys was communication.

    A number of things are currently being done to address this concern. There is a new website provider this year and Steve Walston, a member of the PTO board, is willing to help with the PTO part of the website.

    Students will be given an information sheet at the beginning of the year which includes a space for parent's e-mail addresses. These addresses will be added to the system so that all weekly Sunday announcements by Mr. Holley will now be sent by e-mail as well as phones.

    It will also be possible to include minutes from PTO meetings in the e-mails sent by Mr. Holley, and/or they could be posted on the PTO website.
  2. How should the PTO spend their funds based on comments from the surveys?

    ** Ginger suggested fixing the intercoms in the classrooms where they aren't working properly, to improve communication between the school and students. During a lock-down drill, every teacher was asked whether they could hear the commands, and maintenance recorded all the classroom numbers of those that had poorly working intercoms.

    ** The need for a bike rack was mentioned in several surveys.

    ** Mr. Holley requested updating the computer lab, which is composed of 30 workstations. Updating some of the software and monitors would cost a little over $7,000. We discussed whether this would be necessary since the students will be receiving new Google Chrome books this year. Maybe updating or purchasing more printers would be helpful.

Mr. Holley will get pricing information on repairing the intercoms, the cost of a bike rack, and purchasing printers that will be necessary to support the needs of the students. The Board agreed to meet again in early October after the Friends of Fike campaign is over to determine how much money we have and how we want to spend it. At that time we will also discuss how to set up grants for which teachers can apply. Currently, Tim Williford is working on a specific grant policy for the PTO. Last year, the PTO funded $6,934.81 in grant money. It was also noted that teachers will have the opportunity to post a list of their classroom needs on the PTO website.

Future PTO meetings:
There will be 2 meetings in the Fall, one in late September and one in November. Both will be focused around certain topics. The September meeting focus will be "Senior type" information - graduation, yearbook deadline, Senior Day, Awards, Baccalaureate, etc. The focus of the November meeting will be testing.

There is also a Junior Parent night, which might be an opportunity for a PTO meeting. Some parents have voiced concerns about understanding the registration process and class selection, and therefore, some type of meeting between guidance and parents might be helpful.

Friends of Fike Campaign:
We agreed to raise the minimum contribution to the Friends of Fike Campaign to $35, remembering that: this is the only fund raiser held by the PTO, and PTO membership is free and open to all parents and teachers; there is no fee to join.  We will send the Friends of Fike Campaign flyers by U.S. mail.

The next PTO Board meeting will be October 2 at noon.