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BA-Art Education k-12


Hi, I'm Beth Wiggs and I have a collective 25 years of experience in teaching art to all ages, including private art lessons, private school and public schools.  Art is a passion of mine, both in teaching and personal experience.  I have experience in various media, including painting, pastels, sculpture, ceramics and photography, although painting is my preference.  I was recently awarded the NC Watercolor Society's Visual Art Teacher scholarship.  And, with the financial support of Fike's ROTC program, I was able to develop a ceramics program for Fike students complete with a throwing wheel and kiln.

I believe passionately that the creative process is imperative in enabling students to succeed--in academics and in life!  Developing various art skills and increasing visual arts knowledge supports core subjects including Math, Science, and Language Arts. In my classes, students will gain an understanding how Visual Arts has an impact on society, both throughout history as well as in present times.   Perhaps most importantly, Visual Arts provides a creative outlet for students through which they have opportunity to discover, explore and express who they are individually through  unique creative outlets.