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Mission/Purpose Eligibility
The STEAM Club introduces students to interesting concepts that involve science, technology, engineering, art, and math – all cleverly disguised as “fun,” sparking their intellectual curiosity beyond the classroom.  The STEAM Club undertaking is to advance high-quality science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM) education by providing a myriad interactive STEAM real-world applications. The club emphasis is on interactive lessons and activities that teach the engineering design processes, develop problem-solving skills, and build learners for life.  - 9th - 12th grade students
- deadline to join is Sept. 30th
Requirements Meeting Time/Frequency
- It is $20 fee to join the STEAM club.  This includes the t-shirt for the club;
- Required to be passing all subjects, be a model student and citizen, and attend at least one of the two meetings per month;
- There will be field trips, but they are not required to go on them.  There will be extra fees for the field trips to pay for the bus, food, and any accrued costs associated with the trip.
2nd Thursday of each month after school